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1971 -   Gallery 108, Vicenza, Italy

1973 -   Gallery d'Arte Il Sole, Feltre, Italy

            Tavolozza d'Art Gallery, Bassano del Grappa, Italy

            Studio d'Arte Gallery Parabiago Vignati, Milan, Italy

1 "> Gallery d'Art Presence, Rieti, Italy

            Gallery The Virgola, Fabriano, Ancona, Italy

1974 -   Gallery Viscontea, Rho, Milan, Italy

1 "> Francesca d'Arte Gallery, Varese, Italy

            Bottega del l'Arte, Vicenza, Italy

            Gallery d'Arte II Triangolo, Busto Arizio, Milan, Italy

1975 -   Excelsior Art Gallery, Venice, Italy

            Farnese Gallery, Rome, Italy

1976 -   Nuova Arte Gino Negri, Vigevano, Italy

Art Nouveau Gallery, Menton, France

1977 -   Gallery 89, Barcelona, Spain

            Perrier Gallery, Nice, France

1979 -   Gallery 89, Barcelona, Spain

0in 0in 0pt ">             Tedeschi Gallery, Verona, Italy

1981 -    Gallery 89, Barcelona, Spain

1982 -   Studio'D, Bologna, Italy

L'Ile de France, Paris, France

1983 -   La petite Mont Martre, Paris, France

1984 -   PFAN Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland

            Alte Galerie Schmedie, Vienna, Austria

1985 -   Sixty one Gallery, London, UK

            Palais de L'Europe (Lyrisme dans l'Art Contemporain), Menton, France

1986 -   Chamber Saint-Demangel Ravy, Montpelier, France

1987 -   Studio'D, Pescara, Italy

1988 -   Galleria Farnese, Rome, Italy

1989 -   Art-Fiera, Bologna, Italy

Tahoma "> 1990 -   Art-Fiera, Bari, Italy

1991 -   Style Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

1992 -   Dubé Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Make the manifesto "blah, blah, blah")

1993 -   Gallery Studio 7, Barcelona, Spain

            Riba di gallery Firm Garda, Pescara, Italy

            Palazzo del Diamanti, Ferrara, Italy

1995 -   Terrachina Gallery, Rome, Italy (Joint exhibition with Joan Miró)

1996 -   Gallery Meccedes Sicily, Italy

1997 -   Heart & ard. CO, Miami, United States

            Art-Co, Miami, United States

            RB Gallery, Marbella, Spain

1998 -   D'Art Gallery 33, Barcelona, Spain

2000 -   Mal Zi, Marbella, Spain

1 "> Gallery Abat Agirre, Bilbao, Spain (Figure Grand Masters)

            Comune di San Giovanni Lupatoto, Verona, Italy

            D'Art Gallery 33, Barcelona, Spain (presentation "The Cut")

            Abat Gallery Agirre, Bilbao, Spain (presentation "The Cut")

2001 -   Stendhal Gallery - Black Hole, New York, United States

2002 -   Stendhal Gallery, New York, United States (Retrospective 1990-2000)

2004 -   Gallery Tornabuoni, Florence, Italy (Display "The Characters of Aulestia)

            Vincent Gallery (Presentation: "The Characters of Aulestia)

2005 -   Gallery Design District Florida, Miami, United States

            Drissi Gallery in Munich, Germany

2006 -   Stampa, Madrid, Spain

2007 -   Red Gallery, Granollers, Spain

1 "> ARCO, Madrid, Spain

2008 - Contemporary Art Fair (Expo-Art "), Bolzano Italy

2009 -   Margaret A. Sennacheribbo Gallery d'Art, Barcelona, Spain

            Red Gallery, Granollers Spain (Display "Faces of Comic)

2010 - ArSpace 21, Zaragoza, Spain (Display "Labyrinth Art ")

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Free and easy returns

Free and easy returns

In the event that you change your mind or, simply, the artwork do not convince you after receiving your order, you have a return/change period of 14 days without additional costs, starting the day after the reception of the order.

To proceed with a change or a return, follow the steps below:

  • - Email us at so that our Customer Service department can contact you (Mon-Thurs, 10:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 18:00 / Fri, 10:00 – 14:00 Spain local time). Please, try to have on hand the order ID to facilitate and accelerate this process.
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When you purchase art at Artelista, you have at your disposal thousands of artworks by artists from around the world, from up to 170 different countries, , and we don't want the delivery costs to be a problem when you want to enjoy the best art. The price shown at the artwork page is its final price, without surprises. Additionally, for your tranquility, the artwork is insured with the company Allianz Insurances during shipping, so we will handle everything if, unfortunately, the artwork is damaged before being delivered.

The estimated delivery time for Artelista fine art prints is 5-7 working days, whereas in the case of original artworks, it would vary depending on the origin country. Once the artist notifies us the artwork is ready for shipment, the delivery will be in the following 24-72 hours, These delivery times may be altered by custom clearance events, especially when the origin country of the artwork belongs to a different cross-national agreement (EU,NAFTA,etc.). here. Shipments from Argentina, Colombia or Cuba need of a special authorization for the exportation of artworks, so it is important to have this into account when calculating the delivery date.

Bear in mind we are dealing with works of art, so they may be in an exhibition (actually, this is awesome!). Those artworks which are in an exhibition are usually displayed as “non-available”. In case the artwork has been put up for sale, take into account the artist would have to manage with the organization of the exhibition the return of the artwork in order to be able to realize the shipment.

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Customer care

Customer care

We are dealing with works of art, a unique and exclusive product, and we want you to feel this way too, therefore, our main objective is to offer a personalized and close customer service. We are at your disposal at all times. If you have any concern, doubts about your order or for whatever reason you need you contact us

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